My name is  Jeanette Tuckerman and i'm a freelance graphic designer, typographer, classically trained book binder and printer based out of Riverside, California USA. 
I started my art education at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri where I developed my more basic fine art skills etc. Then later when I decided to relocate back to California, I took up a 4 year apprenticeship as a bookbinder at a bindery in Mentone, CA. while continuing my education and development in art and design at Cal State University San Bernardino, where I achieved my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. 
I'm currently a freelance graphic designer taking orders for editorial graphic and print design as well as brand development, logo design, wedding invitations, hand lettered projects, video editing etc. I've had the pleasure of designing for commercial businesses such as Global Access Victorville and environmental groups such as REC Consultants San Diego, however my most exciting projects are always the more personal ones; the invitations and personal keepsakes. 
I would have to say that my greatest artistic influencers would have to be artists such as Shepherd Fairey, Stefan Sagmeister, and Neville Brody; as well as artists such as Jack White, Jay-Z and Stanley Kubrick. I actively keep up with current trends in graphic arts, while taking into consideration the beauty of classic techniques. I am a true lover of typography and the power it has to change the way people see a word they've seen a million times in a lifetime. I love the moods good type can generate.
My philosophy in art has changed so many times throughout my development as an artist and graphic designer, but I think my focus today lies most in keeping my work clean, focused, relevant, and familial. I aim to create work that is both visually and tactilely pleasing so that my clients feel confident and well-represented by my designs.